[Briefing] [Coop] [Extern] Battle of 73 Easting

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[Briefing] [Coop] [Extern] Battle of 73 Easting



Operation Desert Shield had just started and the VII Corps lead by the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment has started to move towards Iraq in the endless desert from Saudi Arabia, can they defeat the defending Iraqi forces, elements of Tawakalna's 18th Mechanized Brigade and the 12th Armored Division's 9th Armored Brigade that are stationed at the border.


The 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment has been assigned to VII Corps in the Saudi Arabia-Iraq border and has been ordered to cross the border at 24th of february and advance east as a forward scouting element, slightly ahead of the 1st and 3rd Armored Divisions. The Regiment's mission is to strip away enemy frontline forces, clear the way of significant defenses and locate the Republican Guard's defensive positions so they could be engaged by the 1st and 3rd Armored Divisions.

Eigene Lage

The enemy has concentrated there forced to six different areas (MSR Green, Airfield, FOB, ASR Black and ASR Red). These five areas have all strategy importance in the area, and must be taken from the enemy forces if we wish to continue our attack forward. To succeed in this 2nd ACR has splits its squadrons to those five objectives. 1st Squadron will take the airfield and ASR Black, 2nd squadron will take the MSR Green and the 3rd Squadron will take the FOB and ASR Red.


There are at least two enemy brigades in the area, the Tawakalna Division's 18th Mechanized Brigade and, the 9th Armored Brigade from the 12th Armored Division.

They have concentrated there forced to five different areas (MSR Green, Airfield, FOB, ASR Black and ASR Red). Additionally to this there are multiple defencive positions that forms an offensive line in the front.


Our troops mission is to advance forward and to destroy enemies defencive positions in the frontline, and after this secure the main supply route from the enemy forces.


Eine Erklärung, wie die Mission durchzuführen ist. Optionaler Abschnitt - kann weggelassen werden, wenn es keinerlei Vorgaben zur Durchführung der Mission gibt.

Einsatzunterstützung Fahrzeuge und Verstärkung

1x Humvee
4x M3A1 Bradley
4x M1A1 Abrams

Rest of the troop (2nd and 3rd Platoons) will be in reserve, and are ready to provide support if its needed.
The hotel company has taken some attrition from the desert, and only has one tank platoon in its full strength at the moment.


Führung & Kommunikation 




Alpha 4
#1 Squad Leader
#2 Team Leader
#3 Grenadier
#4 Rifleman (AT4)
#5 AT Specialist (Javelin)
#6 AT Assistant

#7 Commander - M3A1
#8 Gunner - M3A1
#9 Driver - M3A1

Zusätzliche Informationen 

Medical System:

A-Medical enhanced by ADV - Splint mod. Wound reopening is disabled so always use elastic bandage to treat wounds. Splints heal any limb damage. Splints are usable by everyone. The mission will include 10 minute revive timer.

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