[Extern][TvT] Money in the Mist


  • Missionsbauer: GruppeAdler
  • Kalendereintrag bei Adler
  • Map: VT7 - Virolahti - Valtatie 7
  • Spieleranzahl: 
    • TTT: Mafia
    • OPT & KV13: Special Forces
    • Adler: Rebellen
  • Benötigte Repositories: Arma3Sync
  • Teamspeak: ts.gruppe-adler.de
  • GameServer: arma.gruppe-adler.de:2402
  • Termin: 27.01.2020
    • Treffpunkt: 19:30 Uhr auf dem GruppeAdlerTS
    • Missionsstart: 20:00 Uhr


Money in the Mist is a dynamic 4-party-tvt mission for all maps.
A Courier is moving through the area, making deliveries. He is carrying a Briefcase, that all three other parties want to secure for themselves.

Table of Contents

  • Game Flow
  • The Briefcase
  • Sides
    • The Courier
    • Special Forces
    • Mafia
    • Rebels
  • Ranked Mode
  • Play Zone

Game Flow

  1. a random play zone is generated >> mission admin can repeat in case play zone isn't fair
  2. all spawn points and delivery points for the Courier are marked on the map
  3. players spawn at their respective spawn point - the Courier can move out instantly, the other parties have to wait a while
  4. the Briefcase is being marked on the map in specific intervals
  5. the Courier makes his deliveries
  6. the other parties try to intercept the Courier and steal the Briefcase
  7. if a party succeeds, they have to take the Briefcase back to an exfil point and defend it until their pick up arrives

The Briefcase

The Briefcase is being tracked. In certain intervals, a marker will appear on the map, indicating the approximate position of the Briefcase.

The marker will appear more often and be more accurate when:

  • someone other than the Courier is carrying the Briefcase
  • the Briefcase or its carrier is in a vehicle
  • no one is carrying the Briefcase

Notes about interacting with the Briefcase:

  • while on the ground, it can be picked up with ACE-Interaction
  • the carrier can not sprint
  • if the carrier is killed, loses consciousness, surrenders or takes out a weapon, he will drop the Briefcase
  • the Briefcase can not be loaded into vehicles by itself, but the carrier can mount a vehicle without dropping it
  • if the carrier is killed or loses consciousness while inside a vehicle, the Briefcase will fall out of the vehicle
  • the carrier can give the Briefcase to another player by ACE-Interacting with that player
  • the carrier can drop the Briefcase with ACE-Selfinteraction


There are four playable sides in Money in the Mist. The mission will work just fine if one side is empty, only the Courier has to exist. So you could for example play Blu/Opf/Civ or even Opf/Civ and make it an all out man hunt.

The Courier

The Courier is doing his shady business delivering to other civilians or placing deliveries in dead drops. He has to complete his side missions before he can do his main delivery and win the game.

  • has to complete 4 out of 6 side deliveries
  • can choose to join another side if threatened with violence (ACE-Interact with enemy he wants to join)
  • he can then defect from that side again and flee (ACE-Selfinteraction)
  • looks just like every other civilian on the map
  • starts with a vehicle that has some equipment inside

The Courier

Special Forces

The Special Forces were sent by the local government to intercept the Courier and secure the Briefcase as part of an investigation against drug trafficking. Their order is to not unnecessarily harm the Courier, but hey, he might just accidentally catch a stray bullet.

Alt text


The Russian Mafia in this country doesn't play around. Cheap drugs are ruining their business and they are going to put an end to it.

Alt text


The Rebels plan on using the Briefcase's contents to finance their next arms deal. This rebellion is won with guns and ammo and the Rebels are running low on both.

Alt text

Ranked Mode

Ranked mode is a mission parameter that is enabled by default. Wins/losses of individual players and of each side will be saved and displayed on mission end. The Courier is exempt from this statistic, as he will lose most games anyway. Instead, the Courier gets points for different accomplishments that are saved in a separate statistic. At the end of the mission, a separate Courier highscore leaderboard will be displayed.

The Courier gets points for:

  • completing side deliveries
  • completing the main delivery (winning the game)
  • surviving
  • joining the side that wins the game

Play Zone

The play zone is completely randomly generated every game. The mission admin can decline the playzone, if it is unfair for one side (e.g. if a side starts on an island) with the chat command #mitm_decline. There are random civilians walking and driving around the playzone. Civilian vehicles can be stopped and highjacked. There are also random empty vehicles parked in towns and sparsely outside of towns. These are locked, but can be broken into with the lock pick kit that every player starts with. The Courier is better at lock picking than his adversaries.

Example Play Zone

Chat Commands

  • #mitm_accept - accepts playzone on game start
  • #mitm_decline - declines playzone on game start and prompts new generation
  • #mitm_fixBriefcase - used if briefcase is stuck, will detach briefcase and move to safe near location


Trupp "Mafia" -  Squadlead

  1. Squad Leader
  2. Assistant Squad Leader
  3. Squad Medic

Trupp "Mafia" -  Fireteam 1

  1. Team Leader
  2. Autorifleman
  3. Assistant Autorifleman
  4. Rifleman

Trupp "Mafia" -  Fireteam 2

  1. Team Leader
  2. Rifleman
  3. Rifleman
  4. Rifleman

Trupp "Mafia" -  Fireteam 3

  1. Team Leader
  2. Rifleman
  3. Rifleman
  4. Rifleman

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • ACE-Base leicht verändert
Montag, Januar 27, 2020 - 19:30 bis 23:30
Teilnehmer: 12 (0)SquadleadFireteam 1Fireteam 2Fireteam 3ReserveAbmeldung
Freddy Bacon#2
Bad Destiny#2
Karl Baker#2
Robert J
3 / 3
"Squadlead" - 3 / 3
SchmerzKeks VW: #1
DaChesas VW: #3
Karl Baker VW: #2
2 / 4
"Fireteam 1" - 2 / 4
Freddy Bacon VW: #2
Mütze1337 VW: #1
3 / 4
"Fireteam 2" - 3 / 4
SchmidtLR VW: #1
Robert J
4 / 4
"Fireteam 3" - 4 / 4
Pio VW: #1
Bad Destiny VW: #2
Lujan VW: #3