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[Vorstellung] Nick

Guten Tag!
Ich bin Nick, 26 Jahre alt und komme nicht aus Deutschland! sondern aus den Niederlanden.Ich spreche kaum Deutsch, kann es aber lesen und verstehen. verzeih mir, dass ich den folgenden Text auf Englisch geschrieben habe.

You may know me from UNA. I came to the conclusion that i wanted to play more and bigger events. But with UNA its not possible anymore... Thats why i came here.
I have ~1200 hours of Arma, and i am pretty serious player but like to have a laugh too. I play both PvP and Coop. I work in shifts, so my playdates are switching from week to week. Expierence in arma? I played alot of ATC (arma-tactical-combat) and rolling thunder. I leaded in both campaigns multiple battles, with and without succes...

Other games i play: War thunder, Rimworld, Transport fever. And some other games but that switches from time to time.

As i said above, i cant really speak german yet. But i am learning it at home aswell... i am suprised by the fact i can understand most things! So if you have me, please forgive all my stupid things i say in german... 


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Hello Nick,

i am SchmerzKeks and will say...Welcome in TTT. Fine to see you here .... Ok enough of troll Story ... :P

Heee Nick Cool that you are here :D

So normal i sent every new guy a PM here with all Infos. But its in German...but he i think its funny so you get it also. Wen you dont undertsand it and need Help just come to me or SchmidtLR.

See you on Friday 26.10. to "EinsteigerEvent"


Peace my Friend!!